Hopewell Council #7103
In Memoriam - Tony Muscente

It is with tremendous sadness to announce that Tony Muscente passed away the morning of December 14, 2012. He will always be remembered as one of the great Knights of this current generation. In 2008 Tony told then Grand Knight Joe Melillo that he had a solution to the council’s financial woes. The idea was simple, to make and sell meatballs. This concept, very unique to any K of C council, has allowed 7103 to be as charitable as we have been ever since. But thinking of Sir Tony Muscente only as the meatball man is very short-sighted. He was an integral part of the organizational effort required for our annual golf outings, one of our most active members, ran our dinners, often handled our post-meeting meals (no better meal than Tony's roast pork or Italian Hot Dogs after a long meeting), was presently serving as Warden, and was Knight of the Year in 2010. As we pray for Tony’s soul in the world beyond this one, we also remember those he leaves behind, especially his wife Joan, his children, and the rest of his family and close friends. Council 7103 is truly at a loss, and we will certainly miss our Brother Knight.


Tony and Joan at the 2011 Christmas Luncheon.


Tony and the crew at the Pork Roast Dinner and making meatballs (below)



Tony accepting the 2010 Knight of the Year Award at our annual -Christmas Luncheon.


Honoring George Heffernan as Knight of the Month, October 2011.

At Father Alex's 25th Anniversary in October, 2010.