Hopewell Council #7103
Knight of the Month - Edgar Dormer
         Edgar Dormer has been a member of the Knights of Columbus for the past 56 years, which for that reason alone, would be Hopewell Council’s choice for Knight of the Month.  However, there is much more about this gentle person that causes us to pause and honor him.  Edgar has extended himself to his church, country, and brother Knights.

We have all listened in awe to the fact that Edgar saw action at the famous Battle of the Bulge, and Sara, his wife, will attest to the many medals awarded for his combat service.  But like most veterans who saw action, Edgar is quiet about his service, preferring to simply say, “Yes, I was there!” while his thoughts drift away to his personal memories of the experience many years ago.

However, Edgar was not always serious while he served his country.  Few of us have never heard this story, the story of the other side of this World War II veteran.  This is the true story of bravery, stealth, secrecy, and heroic action above and beyond the call of duty.  It took place when an American company captured a town with a large brewery which still had a large supply of beer store in its’ warehouse.  Edgar seized the initiative, “procured” a military truck and “liberated” the beer in order to aid in America’s war effort without loss of life or ale.  Needless to say, he was hailed as a hero by his men in his company as they enjoyed the spoils of war over several days of a well-earned celebration.

Edgar started out with the Princeton Council before realizing Hopewell was the Council of Action.  While still at Princeton, he held every office in that Council and in the Bishop Griffin Assembly, including serving as a member of the Color Corps.  Whenever the Princeton Council visited McAuley Hall to entertain the retired nuns, you would always find Edgar and Sara in attendance, with Ed using his trained voice from his years as a Barber Shop Quartet member to provide the entertainment.  He would also be certain to visit all of the nuns who were bedridden and presented them with stationary, stamps, and lotions.  His most entertaining character was his appearance in full cowboy outfit giving a lecture about living in the Wild West as a cowboy.  He also provided the same singing entertainment at the Princeton Council Christmas parties held annually for the St. Paul nuns.

At St. Paul’s Church in Princeton, Edgar was a member of the church choir and a lecturer at Mass.  His activities with the Princeton Council ran the gamut of fund raising events to recruitment drives.  It was during one of these recruiting sessions that Edgar recruited Pete Doviak for the Knights of Columbus.  Pete is the source of the Beer, song, and cowboy outfits, as well as Edgar’s kindness towards the nuns.  Pete offers his congratulations to both Edgar and Sara and stated that both he and the Princeton Council miss you.

        As a member of the Hopewell Council, Edgar continued to lend his time and talent to our fund raising and social events.  He was extremely active with projects involving our service men and frequently used his connections with the Lyon Veterans Hospital.  He would collect caps and other clothing items for the veterans which he personally delivered as well as devote many hours in talking with the patients.

These past 91 years have slowed him down a bit, but his spirit, his enthusiasm, his love of God and country still burn bright in his soul.  He now has Joe Melillo make the frequent visits to Mrs. Blackwell’s home to collect the quilts and afghans that she knits for the vets, and then deliver them to Lyons Hospital.

Edgar is Hopewell Council’s lecturer.  When he is able, he provides our council members with thoughts of faith and courage.  I would be remiss if I did not say the most important people in his life are his lovely wife of 69 years Sara and their three children.

Edgar has truly found the secret to living the one life that he has been given and to make it something beautiful for God.  May God bless you and keep you strong in the days ahead.  Congratulations on being named Hopewell Council 7103’s “Knight of the Month”.


Bob Rushnak, Grand Knight of Hopewell Council 7103, Knights of Columbus