Hopewell Council #7103
2012 Archive Page

The Hopewell Council is co-located at St. Alphonsus in Hopewell Borough and St. George in Titusville, NJ.  Our council also includes St. Charles Borromeo in Montgomery Township, NJ.  Our Grand Knight for 2012-2013 is Aaron Vurgason. You can contact the Knights by phone at 609-477-2806, or by email at webmaster@KofC7103.Org if you want more information or are interested in joining the Knights of Columbus. Click on About Us to learn more about the Council and its' various activities.


Hopewell Council #7103 demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas by displaying outdoor Christmas billboards on the church grounds of St. Alphonsus (top) and St. George (bottom picture).  At both churches, Council Brothers constructed a 4’ x 8’ framed billboard and added a multicolored, vinyl picture of the Nativity scene to both side of the display.

Lights were added to keep the message visible throughout the evening hours. Each sign carries the message to Keep Christ in Christmas and has the Hopewell Council and Knights of Columbus logos prominently displayed, reminding men to consider joining the Knights.  Our Brother Knights are proud to say “Merry Christmas” because we know that Jesus Is the Reason for the Season.

2012 Nativity Scene at the NJ State House
The Allentown and Trenton councils worked together to obtain permission to place the creche on state grounds.  On Saturday, December 15, 2012, Monsignor Jim Innocenzi blessed the Nativity Scene on State Street with State Deputy Dan Rossi looking on.  

2012 Christmas Luncheon
Past Grand Knight Bob Rushnak, pictured below with his wife Millie and Grand Knight Aaron Vurgason, is honored for his significant contributions to Council 7103.  This took place at our Council's 2012 Christmas Luncheon held on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at Sal DeForte's Ristorante in Ewing.

Bob with Monsignor Jim.

Merry Christmas from Council #7103

In Memoriam - Tony Muscente

    It is with tremendous sadness to announce that Tony Muscente passed away the morning of December 14, 2102. He will always be remembered as one of the great Knights of this current generation. In 2008 Tony told then Grand Knight Joe Melillo that he had a solution to the council’s financial woes. The idea was simple, to make and sell meatballs. This concept, very unique to any K of C council, has allowed 7103 to be as charitable as we have been ever since. But thinking of Sir Tony Muscente only as the meatball man is very short-sighted. He was an integral part of the organizational effort required for our annual golf outings, one of our most active members, ran our dinners, often handled our post-meeting meals (no better meal than Tony's roast pork or Italian Hot Dogs after a long meeting), was presently serving as Warden, and was Knight of the Year in 2010. As we pray for Tony’s soul in the world beyond this one, we also remember those he leaves behind, especially his wife Joan, his children, and the rest of his family and close friends. Council 7103 is truly at a loss, and we will certainly miss our Brother Knight.  Click here for more photos.

Honoring Eagle Scout Benjamin Nash Granzow

            The Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America.  Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than two million men.  Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service and leadership.  This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads and manages.

          Benjamin Granzow’s Eagle Scout project consisted of building and installing structures for the gardening program at Bear Tavern Elementary School in Hopewell Township.  Ben designed and oversaw the building of two cold frames, two raised beds, a picnic table with attached benches, a handicap – accessible grow bench and an overhang for an outdoor message board.  Ben also orchestrated the moving and installation of a garden shed from the property of a donor.  The project involved fund raising, procuring of supplies and meeting with Bear Tavern PTO representatives, the school principal and head of facilities for the school district, as well as attending a Board of Education meeting, in order to obtain all of the necessary approvals for the project.

Photo:  left to right  Bob Rushnak, Past Grand Knight, Boy Scout Benjamin Granzow, Msgr. James Innocenzi, Chaplin of Hopewell Council

2012 Mass for Deceased Knights

Monsignor Jim Innocenzi led the Mass for Deceased Knights on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at St. George Parish.  This Mass is in remembrance of our brother Knights from the Chapter and Assembly councils who have passed away over the past year.  



After Mass and prior to the Chapter & Assembly Meeting, dinner was provided to all courtesy of the Scavo Family, in memory of their father and fellow Knight, Vince Scavo, who passed away last year.  Vince was the owner of Dominick's Pizza in Washington Crossing, Pa.and 4 other locations.




2012 Shield Awards


The 3rd Annual Shield Award was held on Tuesday, October 16th at Sal DeForte's Ristorante in Ewing.  The restaurant was once again packed for this special event!  Hopewell Council #7103 provides this recognition awards dinner to acknowledge our "hometown heroes" and their outstanding service to our community.  Click here for more information and pictures.

(front row)  Msgr. James Innocenzi, Chaplain Hopewell Council #7103 Knights of Columbus;  Hopewell Township Police Officer Michael Toth; Janet Crum,  EMT Union Fire & Rescue Squad;  Kurt Pederson, Firefighter Union Fire & Rescue Squad; Bob Rushnak (kneeling), Past Grand Knight of Council #7103 & Chairman of the Shield event.

(back row)  Chief George Meyer, Hopewell Township Police Department; Chief Matt Martin, Chief of Emergency Services; Annmarie Soganic, Deputy Chief of EMT, Union  Fire & Rescue Squad; Chief Erick Burd, Union Fire Company & Rescue Squad; and Aaron Vurgason, Grand Knight, Council #7103.

2012-13 Officers

On Sunday, July 8th, Council 7103 conducted its' 2012-13 Installation of Officers at St. George Church in Titusville. Grand Knight Aaron Vurgason (center, between Monsignor Jim and District Deputy Joe Melillo) begins his administration with his fellow officers and former Grand Knight Bob Rushnak (standing right, on first step).  CONGRATULATIONS to GK Aaron as he embarks on his new role.  And also a very special thanks to Bob for his leadership over the past 2 years.  

First Degree - June 11, 2012

From left to right: Jeff Bourne, GK 7000, Lawrence Council inducted Knight James Vazquez.  From Hopewell, Knight Paul Toto was inducted.  Also pictured are Bob Rushnak, GK 7103 and Vito Pulito, DGK 7000.  The event took place on Monday, June 11, 2012 at the Faith Development Center in Lawrence.

Ted Delbo - Knight of the Month

Ted Delbo grew up in the coal mining town of Kulpmont Pennsylvania, the only son in a family of five children. Kulpmont is less than one square mile and located in Northumberland County, 42 miles NW of Reading.  His father was a coal miner who worked in the tunnels of the coal fields of Pennsylvania bringing bituminous coal to the surface every day.  Coal dust has always been a companion of the miners and when Ted was only sixteen years of age, his father died from “Black Lung” and chronic pulmonary disease from years of working in the mines. 

            As a youth Ted was a skinny boy even though he was well fed. The nuns at Holy Angles School would look after him and provide extra food in an effort to put weight on his thin frame. Ted had a dark skin tone and many times his mother would make him bathe often while she scrubbed him, thinking his dark complexion was dirt. He attended religious service on Scott Street and together with his parents guidance and his attendance at Holy Angles Church, Ted grew up with strong Christian values and high morals.          

            For many in the Italian American Community, Kulpmont is known as Little Isca in upstate Pennsylvania.  Ted’s memories may include Bressi’s Meat Market on Chestnut Street.  The market was founded by Antonio Bressi in 1924, an immigrant from Isca, Italy and famous for having the best sappresata (Italian dry salami) in the area.

            Ted attended Roosevelt High School and went to work for the Breginer Brothers.  Soon after he went into the Air Force and was stationed at Kindley Air Force Base in Bermuda.  He loved to tinker with lawn mowers, fixing them and making “Go Carts” from scrap materials and auto parts.  Later in life, Ted would scale down his “Go Carts” and switch to making model cars for the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby.  One of the local heroes from his town was Pro Football player Sam Brazinski who played for the Buffalo Bills in 1921.

            Stories about Ted include making a home brew of a special wine he called Sangria, but the truth is, no one could actually drink his strong brew.  He raised chickens, built his garage and remodeled the entire home in which he still lives.  One story in particular concerns a dentist who requested several carpenters from the area to construct a special floor to certain specifications.  The task proved too difficult for everyone except Ted who completed the custom made floor to the satisfaction of his dentist. The cabinets used by the Knights of Columbus at St. Alphonsus are a perfect example of his craftsmanship.  Good St. Joseph was a Master Carpenter, but Ted is right up there with the best of them.  After retiring as a carpenter at the New Jersey State Museum, he continued to work his craft, making cabinets and other fine wood projects for friends and neighbors. Ted’s has always loved the outdoors and has spent many enjoyable hours hunting, fishing and camping.          

            Ted joined the Knights in 1978 and can always be counted on to help the Council is any way possible.  One Sunday he found Michael Zdanowski standing in the back of the church after Mass and soon recruited him to assist as an usher at St. Alphonsus Church.  It was a short time later when Ted asked Michael to join him as a member of the Knights of Columbus and took him thru all four degrees. Both men to this day remain Knights and members of the Color Corp.

            For his dedication to the Knights of Columbus, to our Council, to his church and community, Hopewell Council 7103 is proud to recognize Ted Delbo as Knight of the Month.

St. George CCD Teacher of the Year

Pictured:  Nicole’s parents James & Patricia, Msgr. Jim, Chaplin of K of C & Pastor, Nicole Romano-CCD Teacher of the Year, Bob Rushnak,Grand Knight 7103

The Knights of Columbus are proud to present a teacher appreciation award to an educator who works tirelessly at being the best example of a true Christian teacher.  On behalf of Msgr. Jim, Margaret Dziminski, Coordinator of Religious Education, and the Knights of Columbus, permit me to share how she has made a difference in the lives of her students.  

Since 2005, Nicole has been a Catechist at the Church of St. George.   So often we fail to appreciate the tremendous effort needed to prepare the second grade class to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.  Nicole not only imparts knowledge but also brings the joy of her faith to each and every one of her students.  Good teachers are good role models, and this young lady has helped mold her students in the Catholic faith not only by her words, but also by her actions.  Students who have been in her class are still active in their faith and always make it a point to stop and say “Hello” any time she is present at Mass.  

Nicole’s enthusiasm for teaching this sacramental class is overwhelming. She brings her own story of the importance of faith in her life and demonstrates the love that she has as a true Christian.  Without a doubt, the lives of her students have been better because of the time Nicole has spent with them.  She is a certified Catechist for the Diocese of Trenton and a valued member of the catechetical staff, serving as an inspiration to other teachers.  She not only inspires her students to live a faithful life, but she has managed to recruit her mom and dad as Catechists for the program as well.  

Nicole, for helping mold responsible catholic citizens and future leaders of our church, we thank you for all of your efforts.  You have our respect and appreciation for a job well done.  May God bless you as you continue to do His work.

Therefore, in recognition of your outstanding and valuable service to the Church of St. George as a teacher of the catechesis program, it gives me great pleasure on behalf of the children of St. George, and of the Knights of Columbus, to ask our pastor Msgr. Jim to present Nicole Romano with the “CCD Teacher of the Year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe coming to St. George on April 14-15

Hopewell Council 7103  is fortunate to be able to bring the Icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas, to St. George Parish on the weekend of April 14-15.



Our Lady of Guadalupe Marian Icon with Fourth Degree Honor Guard
By Carl A. Anderson, Supreme Knight

For nearly 500 years, millions of people have shown great devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe, struck by her words to Juan Diego, “Am I not your Mother?”  From her first appearance at Tepeyac in 1531, she has bestowed on humanity a tender motherly concern, and this remains an important part of her message today.  If we approach Our Lady of Guadalupe as our mother, then she is not only a mother to us, she is a mother to everyone.  That means that we are all one family, despite our different countries and cultures.

Blessed John Paul II referred to this fact when he wrote in Ecclesia in America: “The appearance of Mary to the native Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac in 1531 had a decisive effect on evangelization.  Its influence greatly overflows the boundaries of Mexico, spreading to the whole Continent.  America, which historically has been, and still is, a melting-pot of peoples, has recognized in the mestiza face of the Virgin of Tepeyac, ‘in Blessed Mary of Guadalupe, an impressive example of a perfectly inculturated evangelization.’  Consequently, not only in Central and South America, but in North America as well, the Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated as Queen of all America”

He also wrote that the “renewal of the Church in America will not be possible without the active presence of the laity.  Therefore, they are largely responsible for the future of the Church”.

So we must ask ourselves, what is the meaning of Our Lady of Guadalupe today?  Does she play the same role in our countries’ history as she has for nearly 500 years?  How do we respond to the great commandment of our Lord (love our neighbor as our self)?  This is the real message of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s motherly concern for each of us - that each person is actually a member of our family.  And as Pope Benedict XVI told us in his first encyclical Deus Caritas Est  (God is Love):  In a family no member must go hungry or lack the necessities of life. 

With this truth in mind, the Knights of Columbus has embarked on a pilgrimage with Our Lady of Guadalupe, bearing her image from council to council, from parish to parish, to spread her message and her love.  Through this Marian Prayer Program, we have a chance to gather as a family before the mother of humanity and offer our prayers and intentions.  I know that this will be a time of grace for all our members and their families, and I pray that Our Lady of Guadalupe will bring us closer together as an Order, as a Church, as a community and as a world in need of her words of peace and unity.

Msgr. Eduardo Chávez Sánchez
Postulator of the Cause of the Canonization of Saint Juan Diego

The Virgin of Nazareth, the Woman of Tepeyac, is the Mother of God and our Mother.  She is one of us in blood and nature, and through her humanity has given us her Son, Jesus Christ.  In this “sacred house,” Our lady gives us freedom from all oppresses: sin and death.  In this temple in this living Church we are truly set free for life in God. 

The Virgin of Guadalupe’s mission is the essence of evangelization.  She is the first disciple and missionary of God’s love.  In bringing together peoples of the Old World and the New World the Madonna of Tepeyac is a symbol of the fraternity that should exist among all of the earth’s races: in her mestiza face – so sweet and serene – we are all her children.  All human beings in Jesus Christ are Mary’s children, Mother of the Church, Model of the Church.  

In 2007, in Aparecida, Brazil, Pope Benedict XVI gathered with the bishops of Latin America and the Caribbean for the Fifth General Conference.  Present among them was the successor to the first Bishop on Mexico, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, the Archbishop Primate of Mexico City.  The final document of the conference included a statement fill with the dew of Tepeyac.  Mary it said “because she gave birth to the Savior of the world brought the 
Gospel to our America.  In the Guadalupan event she presided with the humble Juan Diego at the Pentecost that opened to us the gifts of the Spirit.”  Moreover, the bishops joyfully proclaimed “All those baptized are called to ‘begin anew in Christ’ to recognize and to follow his presence with the same reality and freshness, the same power and affection, persuasion and hope we were found in his encounter with the first disciples on the banks of the Jordan 2,000 years ago, and with the ‘Juan Diegos’ of the new World.” 

The message of Guadalupe contains all that is needed for the true freedom to love fully as Jesus destroys the chains of sin and we walk together as brother and sister.  Let us go forward to build one people, one culture of life, one civilization of God’s love from the hand of Our Lady of Guadalupe who has promised that she “holds us in the crossing of her arms and the hollow of her mantle.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe asked her messenger Juan Diego (now a saint) to go to the Bishop with her request for a “sacred house” to be built on Tepeyac.  She wanted her appearance to be seen within the context of the Catholic Church, which was founded by her Son as the sacrament of salvation for the entire world.  She continues today to lead us to Jesus Christ, the foundation of the Church, and to proclaim that we are one people in the family of God.

Free Throw Winner

Tom Ponting presents the Knights of Columbus Free Throw State Championship for Girls Age 13 to a Hopewell eighth grade student at Timberlane Middle School representing council 7103.


2012 Pride in Priests Dinner

Hopewell Council 7103  was well represented at the Annual Pride in Our Priest Dinner held at Doolan’s Restaurant in Spring Lake. Monsignor Jim, Bob & Millie Rushnak, Joe & Lisa D’Agostino; Ted Delbo, Michael Zdanowski & Nick Toth; and Santi & Eileen Buscemi were among the guests attending.  In addition to Bishop  David O'Connell, there were 122 priests attending as guests of the Knights of Columbus.




2012 St. George Senior Citizen of the Year - Gordon Fish
The Knights of Columbus are proud to recognize a young man from our parish who has made significant contributions to the Parish of St. George.   The award is called the “Senior Citizen Award,” which is a polite way of calling the person we are honoring, elderly, mature, perhaps even experienced, but certainly not an “old timer”.  The gentleman that I am referring to is Gordon Fish.  I have a few things to tell you about Gordon.
 Gordon, I’ve been taking a look at some of the things that you have been doing at St. George’s.  Considering most seniors citizens grew up in an era that didn’t have or need technology, Gordon found the computer an easy skill to master. Gordon currently  is the Web Master for our church web site which he constantly updates.  If you haven’t visited the church web site, click on www.thechurchofstgeorge.org when you get home.  When it comes to the computer, Gordon made the transition into the world of technology as well as any teenager.  Perhaps the Geek Squad could use his assistance?

Gordon will tell you that you never grow old as long as you are still interested in things of the world, and that you are still eager to help others less fortunate.  Whenever I talk with our seniors, one of the things they say that keeps them going is music.  And Gordon is no exception.  He truly loves his music.  He is an active member of both the Sunday Choir and sings in the Funeral Choir – that group with the interesting  combination name that describes the memorial service and music- the Dead Beats.

Gordy, as most of his friends call him, has learned the secret of everlasting youth - and it is to stay involved.  He recommends that seniors keep going out into the world making new friends, helping people in need, and finding a hobby.  You may not know that Gordy is a devoted gardener, but you have seen his work every time you drive into church.  It’s Gordy who is responsible for the planting and caring for the flowers and placing the American flags on the wall facing the River as you come up the St. George driveway. They are the yellow daffodils that are in bloom now that signal the start of spring.

We have to admire his work ethic and what he has made of his life. He raised a family, worked hard at his career, but best of all, he gave himself in service to the Lord and certainly God will continue to use him in the future.  Gordy recognizes the importance of faith based community activities and the role they play in the enhancement of a person’s life.  As such, he is an active member of the Monday Night Rosary Prayer Group, faithfully spends prolonged time at Thursday Adoration, and was former head of St. Georges Right to Life Group.  

When Sister Dorothy speaks of Gordon Fish, she does so with a sense of pride, calling him a “Parish Treasure.”   Msgr. Jim was so pleased that Gordon Fish was selected, saying he was a most deserving parishioner who devoted many years of service to the church.

Therefore, in recognition of his outstanding and valuable service to the Church of St. George, giving generously of his time, energy and talent, it gives me great pleasure on behalf of the parishioners of St. George’s, to ask our pastor Msgr. Jim to present Gordon Fish with the  “Knights of Columbus Senior Citizen of the Year Award.”



Pro-Life Baby Shower

Hopewell Council was in attendance at the Annual Pro-Life Baby Shower and Buffet Breakfast on March 11, 2012 sponsored by the Central N.J. Centennial Chapter of the Knights of Columbus.  After breakfast, guest speakers from Good Council Homes & Lifenet offered inspirational messages on Pro Life topics.  

Grand Knight Bob Rushnak stands between Joe Quattrocchi from Good Council Homes and Vincenza Cerami from Lifenet at the Annual Communion Breakfast held at St. John the Baptist in Allentown.  Hopewell Council and other councils in attendance gave donations to the support of pro life / pro chastity educational work conducted by both organizations

Catholic Men for Jesus Christ 

            On Saturday, February 25, Grand Knight Bob Rushnak had the opportunity to attend the 15th Annual Catholic Men for Jesus Christ (CMJC) men’s rally at St. Raphael's in Hamilton.  Hundreds of men filled the gymnasium to join Bishop David M. O’Connell celebrate Mass and to listen to national speakers.  To be in the presence of so many men who openly professed their faith and prayed together was an awesome experience for Bob. 

            CMCJ recognizes that true happiness can only be found in Jesus and calls all men to live out their faith with courage and holy boldness.  The good news is that we are not meant to answer his call to “follow me” alone.  Catholic Men for Jesus Christ strives to bring men together, to support each other, and to challenge each other on their spiritual journey to become the man that they were called to be. 

            How should we as men respond to this challenge? Every day our faith is being tested.  God is slowly disappearing from our society.  We have the power to make an impact on the world if we recommit ourselves to Jesus Christ.  Catholic Men for Jesus Christ encourages men to deepen their relationship with Christ, their families, their church, their community, other Catholic men, and to live their faith in every day life.  Visit www.catholicmenforjesuschrist.org for additional information or contact Bob.



Honoring Joe D'Agostino - Knight of the Month 

Joseph D’Agostino has held more offices in the Knights of Columbus than most members could ever imagine.  If all his past titles were linked together behind his name, it would look like the tiles from a scrabble game. 

Joe has held the offices of Former District Deputy, Past Grand Knight, Past Faithful Navigator, Past Chapter President, and  Past Federation Chairman, as well as numerous offices as a State Chairman.  Presently, he is chairman of the Teacher of the Year and CCD Teacher of the Year programs for the State.  Joe is a long time member of the Third Degree Team and a member of the Color Corp.  On the Council level, Joe has been our treasure for a number of years and is a member of Hopewell Council 7103 since 1981.   

Working with stone, brick and mortar have lasting qualities of warmth, richness and timeless elegance, and no one knows that more than the craftsmen who work with these elements.  Joe is one such highly trained craftsman who appreciates the quality of the brick and stone that he installed on the surface on major downtown buildings, or on the structures on the campus of Princeton University, or the stonework on St. George’s Church. 

Working by the sweat on his brow, often lifting heavy weight or working on scaffolding throughout the hot weather, in rain or strong winds, he would repair walls, build partitions, fireplaces, chimneys and other structures of brick and stone.  This artistic craft takes patience and manual dexterity when using trowels and other tools of the trade.  It takes skill to mix motor, applying it properly; lines have to be straight and level to finish joints between bricks.  It has to be such a rewarding feeling of pride and satisfaction for Joe to see the lasting work of his craft on the buildings he has worked on. 

Married to his lovely wife Lisa, they have two children and one grandchild.  For his dedication to the Knights of Columbus, to our Council,  to his church and community, Hopewell Council 7103 is proud to recognize Joseph D’Agostino III as Knight of the Month.

Super Bowl XLVI Meatball Sale 
Thanks to all of you who supported our annual Super Bowl Meatball sale at St. Alphonsus Church on
Saturday & Sunday, February 4th & 5th, 2012.  Net proceeds are donated to local charities.

Vince Lombardi was a member of the Knights of Columbus

St. George Parish Family of the Year - 2012
        Hopewell Council #7103 is proud to present the Knights of Columbus 2012 Family of the Year from St. George’s Parish to Maryanne and Bill Wagner, and their daughter Jenna.
Bill Wagner is a member of the Pastoral Council and a strong supporter of the Family Catechesis program.  He has provided a wealth of information to the faculty and students of our Catechesis program concerning the Mass, and  preparing them for the Revised Third Edition Missal.  
Maryanne Wagner is a Eucharistic Minister and she continues to teach CCD classes, as she has been doing for many years.   She also provided the inspiration and dedication in developing the Family Catechesis program for grades 4 and 5.  
Bill and Maryanne have been the organizers of our Lenten Soup and Stations of the Cross program during the Lenten Season.  Together, they have revitalized this parish activity, adding new parishioners every week to the program.  
The Wagner’s were instrumental in making the Lord’s Table event a huge success this year.  Maryanne did much of the work obtaining food donations for this worthwhile program.  On the day of the event, Bill was involved in directing the serving stations, and Jenna was a “runner” helping to bring food from the grill to the serving tables.  Maryanne and Bill can also be found after the 5:30 p.m. Mass serving refreshments at the hospitality table. 
Jenna has been an altar server for the past four years, is a member of the Youth Choir, and has always helped with service projects in the parish.  

2012 Free Throw Contest

Council 7103 had 19 participants enter the Annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest held at the Hopewell Elementary School on January 8.  At the Council level, each participant had to attempt fifteen free throws from the foul line with the top scorers going to the District competition.  

Six winners from the Council went to St. Ann’s Gymnasium for the District Shoot Out, competing with other Council’s top foul shooters. Each of these six contestants had twenty five free throws each, competing with other boys and girls from other councils with the top shooters advancing to the Diocesan level.  The last step for those who continue advancing will be the State competition.

From this select group, three contestants will go to Diocesan Competition in March. 

Todd Kent was chairman for the Free Throw Competition and has been Youth Chairman for the Council for the past three years.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor
Hopewell Council 7103 of the Knights of Columbus and the New Jersey State Council welcomes the opportunity to recognize the accomplishment of every Boy Scout who earns the rank of Eagle Scout.  Eagle Scout is the highest rank that a Boy Scout may attain.
Grand Knight Bob Rushnak attended the Eagle Court of Honor on January 8, 2012 for Kevin K. Roveda in recognition of his achieving the rank to Eagle Scout.   Kevin was presented with a Certificate of Congratulations from the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus and signed by Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight.  In addition,  a Proclamation from State Secretary Dan Rossi was also read to the assembly and presented to Kevin Roveda from Pennington Troop 41 for his outstanding accomplishment.

Click on the appropriate Calendar to access our 2010 & 2011 Archives to review all our activities, including our Annual Golf Outings, Shield Awards, Christmas Luncheons, Knights of the Month, raising funds for Alzheimer's Relief and much more.



Life is Beautiful by Deacon John Grant


Shield Award
St. Alphonsus Church, Hopewell, NJ
St. George Church,
Titusville, NJ
Knights of Columbus
World Day of Prayer for Peace